FAQ’s When you don't know what you don't know ...

Who needs your interior design services?

Those seeking a distinctive coastal home with ease and the wisest use of their investment ... anyone retiring, empty-nesting, buying in a vacation home or income producing property ... rightsizing, downsizing, customizing.

Why choose Contemplated Spaces?

Our intuitive interior design process smooths the way to select, prioritize, edit and place your most valued or newly discovered treasures. The consistent outcome is beautiful livability and synergy. An added benefit is an established record for maximizing rental occupancy and property value.  

What sets you apart?

Refined procedures afford homeowners the means to review and apply the context of their lives in their next step. Contemplated Spaces brings unique creativity, efficiency and the highest ethical standards to each project.

When is the best time to consult you?

As soon as the new residence is being considered. A uniquely customized plan is crafted with careful attention to needs, concerns and priorities. Vision, sensibility and functionality merge into a fabulously comfortable home. 

What is involved in the customized plan?

Attainable goals, effective budget and timeline, floor plans, checklists, and outstanding customer service. With details measured ahead of time, everything goes right into place. 

Is your plan firm? 

The plan is remains fluid, especially for art and accessories. In the new space, some adjustments makes sense. 

Is there one age group you highlight?

The focus is more on unique needs than an age group. It's so exciting to assist both over 55-ers and 30-somethings in realizing their dream homes. Whether planning on making vacation memories or aging in place, the value of maximizing joy and minimizing stress relates to everyone.