Contemplated Spaces approaches

both large and small projects with the same purpose:

ease and mindfulness of your station in life. 

Priorities, needs and timelines are measured 

mitigating surprises and ensuring seamless transitions.

 For about the cost of a home inspection,

a preliminary meeting will help you 

"get smart before you start."    

Thereafter, you may opt to be charged by the hour 

or the project, so that

you are under no pressure to commit 

to a project beyond your unique needs.

   Preliminary Meeting:

                During this consultation at your home, Carol will listen carefully to your unique downsizing/rightsizing needs, as well as your feelings about this transition.  Essential logistics are reviewed to understand the ease of process, and your overall aesthetic is identified.  Your furniture, art and accessories will be organized and prioritized.  Next, spatial dynamics will be considered for your new space.  Finally,  your treasures are reimagined by room.  Carol's flexible nature allows the plan to remain fluid until you are fully satisfied.

Please contact us to create your new space with purpose and pizzazz!


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